Bill's Philosophy - "Get M.A.D. & Make More Money!"

M.A.D. + Equity = M3 (Make More Money)

Bill’s life changed forever on July 7,1993, when he and his wife saw a huge yacht on the Intra Coastal Waterway in Florida.  That is when Bill and Jeanne got M.A.D. for the first time.  They suddenly realized that they had been making Mistakes.  Once they became Aware of the mistake, they made a Decision to do something about it.What was the mistake?  “We were workers, not builders” said Bill.  “We were trading time for dollars, instead of building equity.”

Bill started building, and after writing 19 books, and selling 2.3 million copies worldwide, he turned his attention to his latest project, his M.A.D. Minute video series.  M.A.D. Minutes are sixty-second, FREE videos delivered directly to email inboxes all over the world!  Check out the sample M.A.D. video, and start changing your life.  As Bill puts it, “If you want to change your life, you have to change your life!”

Take a tip from this International Best-Selling Author.  Stop thinking about a paycheck.  Stop worrying about getting a raise.  Instead, BUILD a business of your own.  You don’t need to quit our day job.  But, stop looking to your boss for long-term rewards.  Anyone who did not learn his lesson from the last recession is putting themselves, and their families, into economic danger.

Some M.A.D. Minute Topics

Look at these sample topics, and then get registered for your M.A.D. Minutes!

  • Make Hay, Even When the Sun Isn’t Shining.
  • If I’m Wrong I’ll Be Back in a Second
  • Its Better To Own Half a Watermelon Than a Whole Grape
  • The Amazon Kindle Is Practically Worthless (you will LOVE this one!)
  • Do You Own Your Life, or Are You Just Renting?

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